thank you for being interested in Elos

Elos is a brazilian SaaS videoconferencing platform focused on increasing user engagement and interaction.

Its core is based on BigBlueButton, an open source web conferencing system. Mconf, the company that develops Elos, has contributed to BigBlueButton since 2011.

Elos is currently partnered with eLearning Evolve. If you are interested in subscribing, just fill in the fields on the side and we will contact you. Subscription is done via PayPal or credit card.

✔️ Online access, without having to install any software.

✔️ Interactive whiteboard.

✔️ Unlimited recordings.

✔️ Streaming

✔️ Breakout rooms.

...and many more!


But what is Elos and Mconf?

Elos is a webconference platform based in Brazil and developed by Mconf. Initially designed as a college project in 2011 in partnership with BigBlueButton, Elos has evolved throughout the years.

With an huge list of exclusive features (check the full list below) and counting with hundreds of thousands of users from edge to edge in Brazil, our goal is to ease the web conferencing for everyone and take it to the next level.

check out the full list of features!

• Online access, without having to install any software.

• Compatibility with desktop and mobile.

• Integration with other platforms.

• Audio and video interaction.

• Interactive whiteboard.

• Customized polls.

• Unlimited recordings.

• Password protected sessions.

• Record's privacy: public, private or listed.

• Conference history.

• Monthly usage reports.

• Invites sent via email, calendar or session's URL.

• Different roles within the session: moderator, presenter and common user.

• Participation restrictions.

• Streaming.

• Breakout rooms.

• Unlimited training sessions with our specialists.

• Technical sessions with our IT specialists.

• Private chats.

• Shared notes.

• Customized presentation.

• Screen share.

• Synchronized video sharing.